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when this happened to me i was living in Illinois. A town with minium jobs ..me n my husband just picked up n left for a completely different state where theres alotttt of jobs ..n i mean alot of jobs ..it also helped my husband has family here so we stayed with them until we found something which didnt take very long 3wks n we were both working !! Good luck n best wishes

  • Age is a state of mind. Of course, with age there maybe some things that are more challenging but if I think that way I would be closing some doors for myself. I am almost 50 and I tell everyone I know that they will see me riding a motorcycle at my 70s
  • I was a dancer, then dance teacher. My bones are not good,easily injured. My dance career taxed my body, as it does any athlete.
  • Scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthrititis crippled me. It’s not possible to ‘get a laptop and find a job’. The orthopedic studies l was required to take to qualify as a teacher only tell me what l have in store. It’s all deteriative.

I spent a lifetime in this profession, am now past retirement age for ‘ordinary people, and It’s harder to move this body, that was once my instrument and could fly across a stage. It’s very hard for women in show business who age out. We become teachers, or Coaches if we are driven. What happens when one can’t walk? It’s not simple to find employment in the field one has sacrificed all one’s life for, when one can no longer ambulate

I am writing a book. Still not an simple field. Editors, publishers who want a ‘snappy’ story, not a life of sacrifice and devotion to an Art form and highly competitive business that requires looks as well as competence…

I worked for a SNF for 25yrs as a Office Manager. I got excellent evaluations and not 1 write up. In March of 2012 my boss told me that he was going to transfer me to work in the admissions department immediately and that I would have a reduction in pay.

I was also told that his brother would be my boss. I was in shock I had worked so hard and spent so much time hiring and training my staff. My position was exempt from overtime pay but if I didn’t have billers working I had to do my job plus theirs which happed multiple times over those 25yrs.

You have entered a writer’s home What happens here goes in my next book poster

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