In 1989, NOW Comics presented a line of Green Hornet funnies, at first composed by Ron Fortier and delineated by Jeff Butler. It endeavored to accommodate the various variants of the character into a multigenerational epic. This considered the character’s genealogical association with The Lone Ranger, however because of the legitimate partition of the two properties, his veil secured his whole face (as in the Republic serials) and he was unable to be called by name. Right now, Britt of the radio arrangement had battled wrongdoing as the Hornet during the 1930s and 1940s before resigning. In NOW’s first story, in Green Hornet #1 (November 1989), set in 1945, the nationality of the first Kato (named right now Ikano Kato) is given as Japanese, but since of the American arrangement with respect to the Japanese minority during World War II, Reid alluded to Kato as Filipino so as to forestall Kato’s being sent to an American internment camp.

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The NOW funnies considered the 1960s TV character as the namesake nephew of the first, 1930s–1940s Britt Reid, alluded to as “Britt Reid II” in the family history, who took up his uncle’s mantle after a companion is killed. Britt Reid II in the end resigned because of a coronary episode, and Kato—given the principal name Hayashi, after that of the primary entertainer to play Kato on radio—proceeds to turn into a star of ninja motion pictures. The NOW funnies set up Hayashi Kato as Ikano Kato’s child. Britt Reid’s nephew, Paul Reid, a professional piano player, assumes the job of the Hornet after his more seasoned sibling Alan, who had first taken on the mantle, is executed on his introduction strategic. Paul Reid is helped by Mishi Kato, Hayashi’s a lot more youthful stepsister who was prepared by Ikano Kato.

Her being female caused issues between the distributers and the rights-holders, who pulled back endorsement of that character and ordered the arrival of “the Bruce Lee Kato”. After Mishi’s flight—clarified as requests from her dad to supplant a harmed car architect at the Zurich, Switzerland, office of the family organization, Nippon Today—Hayashi Kato came back to wrongdoing battling nearby the Paul Reid Green Hornet. Mishi Kato returned in volume two as the Crimson Wasp, following the demise of her Swiss cop life partner, on requests of a criminal head. In NOW’s last two issues, vol. 2, #39-40, a fourth Kato—Kono Kato, grandson of Ikano and nephew of Hayashi and Mishi—took over as Paul Reid’s individual conceal vigilante. The funnies additionally presented Diana Reid, the first Britt Reid’s girl, who had become head prosecutor after the TV arrangement’s Frank Scanlon had resigned. A sentimental relationship in the end shaped among her and Hayashi Kato.

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